Mesh Screen Doors : Buying Guide

By | January 28, 2018

Tired of those unwanted bugs and pests and thinking of purchasing mesh screen doors? Well this article will help us decide the type of screen door that we need and which one looks good on our home. Not all types are suited for all houses. That is why we need to orient ourselves with the following considerations .


There are a lot different types of materials that are being used as theMesh Screen Doors frame of the door and the screen. When choosing a frame, we have wood, steel and vinyl types that are available in the market. Wood frames are generally durable to warping and twisting. We can also add paint on them to match them to the exterior color of our home. Steel types are known for their solid construction and their ability to last long. They do not easily dent, warp, or rot. With vinyl frames, however, they are more on the decorative side and they are also economical to use. The vinyl comes with a variety of styles that we can choose from to complement and add beautification to our home’s entrance. When selecting a screen, we have the option to choose over copper, aluminum, fiberglass, or vinyl. Each of these materials also has some specific benefits in them.

To determine the right fit of our mesh screen door , we need to look at its proper placement first. This is important especially if we are using hinged screen doors. We must check the opening direction of our main door. The screen that we will purchase must be parallel to the hinges of the door. If it is opened at the right side, our screen must also have the handle on its right. Next step is to get the measurement of the frame. We should get the dimensions of the height and the width. In order to have a better estimate, we can add about 3 inches to its height and 2 inches to its width.

The area where we live is also an important factor in choosing a screen door because the climate can affect its lifespan and the amount of protection that it gives. If we live in a storm prone area, it is best if we use screen doors that are more sturdy and durable such as steel or aluminum. Materials like these can withstand strong weather conditions. On the other hand, if we live on the sunny side of the world, we can use a material that allows sunlight to get in but at the same time lessen the penetration of heat. An example of this is the vinyl-coated fiberglass.

Other Useful Characteristics
Aside from the direct physical attributes that we need to consider in buying a mesh screen door, we should also take a look at its ability to offer safety and convenience. When choosing a frame, look for the ones that have deadbolt pins and other types of locks. Also, if we are using hinged screen doors, we can attach pneumatic or hydraulic closers on them. These will prevent the doors from banging or slamming thus minimizing noise and prolonging their lifespan .

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