Screen Doors For French Doors Available Options

By | January 30, 2018


Looking for potential screen doors for French doors? There are several choices in the market today and listed here are four types which are suitable for these doors. Putting screens as a second layer of cover for our entrances will surely add some benefits to our home. So what are the types of screens that will go well with our French doors?

Magnetic Screen Door for French doors

Magnetic Screen Door for French Doors


Retractable Screen Doors

These are screen doors that can be rolled-up and attached either horizontally or vertically. It has a similar mechanism with window blinds or the roll up doors that we usually see on commercial establishments. It is pulled and fastened to the other end to serve as protection from bugs, flies, and other pests while allowing air flow to go in and out of our house. When they are not in use, some retractable screens have aluminum tubes to keep them secure. These tubes also have internal devices to control the tension or the retraction speed. Retractable screen doors for French doors are more versatile to use because of its installation attributes and its physical design. They can easily be used without worrying whether our door opening is on the left or right or whether it swings inward or outward.

Sliding Screen Doors for French doors

Sliding screen doors for French doors have two parts. It requires two screens to cover for each side of the French doors. They are installed with tracks on top and at the bottom or the threshold. These tracks will allow the screens to go back and forth. Depending on the position of our screens, the sliding types can be tricky. There are instances when our space is quite limited that our screens cannot go all the way to the sides of our doors, thus they need to be placed directly at the back or in front of our French doors. When we want to open our screen, we can only open one side at a time. Also, if the opening direction of our door is inward, we should install the tracks outside. If it is outward, the tracks will be situated inside.

Hinged Screen Doors
This type of screen is quite popular in the traditional single door house. When it is used on French doors, it is like installing one on both sides. The frame of the protective screen is attached using hinges that allow it to swing open and close. It also has an automatic or hydraulic closer, which is usually attached above, that helps the screen shut slowly without letting it slam. When using these, the double screen doors for French doors should be positioned where it swings out at an opposite direction with our main doors.

Walk – Through Screen Doors
Walk – Through Screens are produced with the idea of giving importance to convenience and minimal costs. This type of screen is simply a mesh that is fixed at the top and on the sides, while leaving an opening at the center. The middle part is held together by magnets so that people can just walk through as they go in and out. Even pets can also pass through the door easily. Because of its material and design, this screen costs relatively lower among other types. It is also a portable device and it can be easily installed and detached. We do not need a professional to put up walk-through screen doors.

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