What exactly is Magic Mesh Screen Door?
In a nutshell, this product is a mesh covering that fits snugly around your dooryway and is designed to allow fresh air in whilst also keeping bugs and insects out. How does it accomplish this I hear you ask? Simple! Once you part the mesh curtain, it then instantly seals itself shut by the use of 18 strategically placed magnets!

The cool thing about this product is that all you have to do is to walk through it to open it. It’s hassle free! This comes in really useful if you have your hands full of stuff that you are bringing out the back for a BBQ. And the way the magnets instantly shut the screen behind you ensures that not only do you not have to do it yourself – and potentially drop everything that you may be carrying – it also makes certain that no unwanted bugs get into your home.

Magic Mesh screen is also child friendly and a blessing for parents. I have two young children myself and for some reason they seem incapable of closing doors behind them! I gave up along time ago trying to remind them but now I need not bother as the magnets safe me the hassle. True the actual door may still be technically open, but at least there is now a mesh covering separating my house and mother nature!

Magic Mesh

Things that you need to know about this product!

The first thing you need to know is a pretty obvious but still an important detail and that is to make sure you hang the mesh screen straight so that the magnets are aligned correctly. Saying this though, it’s really not all that hard to do. It took me all of about four minutes to accomplish this and I haven’t had to rejig it since.

When you buy Magic Mesh you receive Velcro strips and 12 tacks that are designed for fitting around the door. The Velcro works really well but only if there is no dirt present in the areas where you are planning to install the screen. If there is dirt, then simply use the tacks which works just efficiently. I personally used the tacks and found that 12 was more than enough to keep the mesh screen in place.

It is also useful to know when is the best time to use this product. In reality you can leave it up all year around – that’s what I do – but without doubt it is most effective when the weather starts to get hot. It saves you turning on the air conditioning and also allows a breeze to enter your home which is a very welcome when the thermostat goes up. If you do want to take it down during the colder months, then it is a simple process of taking it down, folding it up and storing it away. It doesn’t take up any real space.

Other benefits of Magic Mesh Screen Door

*It works wonders if you have a pet. Instead of having the animal whining and scratching at your backdoor to be let in, the mesh screen allows easy entry and exit at anytime.
*Also no more slamming doors. The mesh screen closes over gently and quietly every time. The only sound to be heard is the click of the magnets snapping together.
*No tools are required to install this product. It can be put up in minutes and stays on for long no matter how many times it is opened and shut. Just stick the Velcro tabs above the chosen door frame and then simply affix the top of mesh screen to them.
*Fits standard single and sliding doors. Also can be used on RV’s.

Are there any Negatives?

As with all my reviews, I like to delve into some negatives of the chose product that I may have discovered myself or heard about from an other source. Hear are the few low points that I came across that I think are credible.

I read a blog online from a person who was complaining that the Velcro tabs used in the hang the mesh screen from the doorways started to lose their stickiness after a few years. As I’ve only been using mine for a month or so I can’t agree or disagree with this but I don’t see it as a major deterrent. Several years is not a bad life span and the Velcro tabs can also be easily and cheaply replaced in any hardware store.

Another person wrote that he wasn’t too happy with the quality of the mesh event though it did the job intended. I was a bit confused by this complaint as surely once the mesh does what is meant to do then what does the quality of the fabric matter? It’s made of a simple enough material but it’s only do a simple enough job!

My only problem that I had with this product was that while it fitted a standard door perfectly, there is no room for error as in there is no extra mesh on either side. Once you center it correctly though when you are hanging it up then this problem becomes mute. The length was fine for my front door which is a little bigger than a standard door.

Since I decided to buy the Magic Mesh Magnetic Screen Door , I have had it up for over a month now and so far it works great. Honestly I thought that it would start to disintegrate after a few days, but to date it is still standing tell, even after my German Shepard bounds through it every half hour! This is the end of my first Magic Mesh reviews; I hope you have learnt something and make sure to come back and read the other reviews that I have or will soon be posting!