If you have been searching for a beautifully designed screen door magnets that you can easily twist then click and lock look no further.

These elegantly designed magnets were designed to prevent people as well as pets from walking through screen doors. We offer the best selection of high-quality screen door magnets that are beautiful and showcase different designs and patterns and best of all they are completely affordable and we have a wide selection to choose from. Continue reading and find out how you can benefit from these stylish pieces of artwork that will magnetize your screen door and add a touch of comfort and color. You don’t want people or animals walking into and through a screen door so use this magnet and take a look at the various styles and options you have available at your fingertips by continuing to read below.

Screen Door Magnets

Benefits Of Screen Door Magnets

This quality screen door magnets are 5.75 inches in diameter and are circular and are high quality and vividly detailed. All products are made in the USA and are also resistant to UV rays and exposure from the sun. They will keep their color and vitality for years to come. They feature two matching magnets that you secure together on either side of your screen.

If you have a hole in your screen door you can use one of our magnets to cover the hole and beautify it. It is much cheaper and less costly than paying for a new door or a repair. You can easily avoid damage and accidents when kids, seniors, pets like dogs and cats know there is a screen presence. You can easily use these in your home, or in elderly family members’ homes, inside campers and recreational vehicles. You can also use these on window screens in a child’s room to add to comfort and color. These are not made for roll up screens so be aware of that before you purchase.

Thousands of customers have purchased various styles of these screen door magnets and are more then happy with this screen door magnets. You will be too. These can easily be removed and placed on other screen doors or windows.

Your options are only limited by your imagination you can slam the door and it will not fall off. Even if you have heavy winds these special screen door magnets will withstand the wind and not fall off. Placing this device at eye level on your screen door will help prevent accidents and damage. With their easy turn and click feature, you will see how easy these are to use.

Be sure to look at the different design styles, patterns, and colors that you can choose from. You can also buy multiple magnets at a time if you really would like to beautify your screen and make it safer.