Wood, aluminum, and vinyl screen doors are the common choices that salesmen normally present us when we shop for screen doors. Among these choices, vinyl is the one that we can buy cheapest.

These vinyl doors are highly recommended by home decorators for being low cost and low maintenance. If you are looking to install a screen door, below are some of the reasons why I think many homeowners love to use vinyl above all other materials used in screen doors.

These Doors Are Very Versatile
I find these doors able to do what most homeowners want them to do. It is highly customizable and great for households that have a variety of needs. It is a good material for every DIY lover that wants to have pet doors attached to their screen doors. So, if you have a dog and you don’t want to open the door every time your dog needs to go, or if you are concerned that your doggie banging in and out of your newly-bought door, this is a material that you can consider.

Solid Vinyl Screen Doors Looks Like Wood

Sure, I love the look of wooden doors – they lend the exterior ambience, and they hold that old fashioned vintage decorative look that I’ve been wanting. But hardwood like oak is so expensive, and I think you would not want to spend hundreds of dollars over door frames that would soon deteriorate and be home to termites. So what is our next best option? You got it, that’s vinyl. New vinyl doors have the same look, without the need to be painted on, and fewer digits on the price tag.

You Can Use Them Again As Storm Doors

Since vinyl does not deteriorate and they will not accumulate rust, it is perfect to use them when you are building a screen door for spring or summer. In winter, this material is able to keep heat inside the house, which makes it energy efficient – great for those who are trying to cut down their utility bills.

Because vinyl will not expand because of humidity, a lot of homeowners like using it as a storm door. In addition, since vinyl does not cost much, it wouldn’t hurt ones pockets that much when a door replacement is required.

Vinyl Doors Require Less Maintenance

Normally, I think that wood does the trick in creating the exterior look that I find exquisite – rustic and vintage. I also think that aluminum is great in standing against wear and tear that inclement weather can bring during the warmer seasons. However, I do not wish to always spend extra for maintenance. Wood tends to expand and shrink depending on temperature, and aluminum tends to darken when exposed to pollution. Instead of always resorting to repairs and maintenance, I would suggest using vinyl for those who do not have the luxury of time and money to spend. So, if you are intending to install a screen door leading to your porch, consider using vinyl if the porch is always wet because of rain.