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Why Homeowners Love Vinyl Screen Doors

Wood, aluminum, and vinyl screen doors are the common choices that salesmen normally present us when we shop for screen doors. Among these choices, vinyl is the one that we can buy cheapest. These vinyl doors are highly recommended by home decorators for being low cost and low maintenance. If you are looking to install… Read More »

Magic Mesh Screen Door Review

What exactly is Magic Mesh Screen Door? In a nutshell, this product is a mesh covering that fits snugly around your dooryway and is designed to allow fresh air in whilst also keeping bugs and insects out. How does it accomplish this I hear you ask? Simple! Once you part the mesh curtain, it then… Read More »

Mesh Screen Doors : Buying Guide

Tired of those unwanted bugs and pests and thinking of purchasing mesh screen doors? Well this article will help us decide the type of screen door that we need and which one looks good on our home. Not all types are suited for all houses. That is why we need to orient ourselves with the… Read More »

Retractable Screen Door

A retractable screen door provides many benefits for those who choose to install them. Unlike a traditional screen door, a retractable door can be easily rolled up when not in use and hides behind the main door. This is an excellent benefit for those who do not want to ruin the look and beauty of… Read More »

Aluminum Screen Doors Benefits

The choice of aluminum screen doors in our homes can surely provide us more benefits than other types of screen doors. Before we decide on what to buy, it is important if we take a look at the characteristics of each type. Here are the advantages that this type of screen door has. Appearance The… Read More »

A Beginner’s Guide To Installing Garage Screen Doors

Of course, garage screen doors are not made to replace the function of the conventional garage door that is intended to keep your car inside the garage when you need it to. However, a garage screen door can provide decorative value to your garage while keeping insects at bay. Especially during spring and summer, you… Read More »